"The new world" study

I liked the lighting of this pic, so I gave myself a treat. All that's left is to watch the dam movie.


  1. Manuel dude!

    Its been a crazy long time since we've talked man, whats up?

    Dude I haven't been on your blog in ages, but howly shit am I glad I decided to come back here.

    You're skills have stagnated fucking high man, RAD!


  2. This is fantastic. Seriously, the sliver of light on the left guy's face is killing me (in a good way).

    I'm a bit curious, do you kind film studies very useful? I mean, do they begin to inform your original work when you develop composition and lighting?

    Keep kicking ass!

  3. Brun- Thanks bro, I've been floating around lately, but we'll catch up ^^

    Seta- I find film studies useful and fun! They force you to question what you know in terms of light and composition, and when I'm doing original work, what I learnt from studies pop into my thoughts.

  4. the tones,shadows,lighting..dude you are super talented on this stuff.im still catching up and brush up my skills now.btw you really inspired me.^,^